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3-In -1 Mobile Pool Deck. Motorized or Manual options. It's a pool cover, patio, and wood deck at the same time The Pool deck is Cabana Theory's 3-in-1 solution. More than a pool enclosure, it is truly a modular platform that fits almost all pool sizes.Our pool decks and covers are a great way to add space to your yard. Slide the manual or motorized cover over your pool to help insulate, secure, and protect your pool. By adding the sliding pool deck to your pool you can increase your usable yard space. Design your pool deck with composite decking, teak wood, or even turf. We can design a pool cover or deck to suit your needs. Contact us today for information on our pool covers.

Pool Deck

Pool Cover

Protect your pool with one of our retractable pool covers. It will help keep small children and pests from getting into the pool. It will also help reduce evaporation and it can insulate the pool when heating it. Choose from motorized or manual operation.

Sliding Pool Deck


Re-gain your backyard and patio again. Our pool decks are made from high grade aluminum making them light enough to move, but strong enough to hold guests, seating area, and more.

Pool Cover


Customize your pool deck with teak, composite wood, or even turf. We can create a deck that fits your needs and style. Our pool deck give you the ability to enjoy your full backyard.

Retractable Deck
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